What this membership is about:

  • Conflict Zones, Extreme Weather Events, Pandemics, Finacial Collpases, or any other global impact on the Supply Chain will affect you if it occurs.
  • Humanity is well overdue for calamity.
  • We are working against probability in that regard.
  • Be Ready and be prepared but be so sensibly!
  • This membership level allows you to work through a range of Urban Survival and related material in the form of a series of online courses.
  • No matter your level of experience in preparedness and urban survival, these courses will assist you to go to a new level of capability.
  • Employing simple, practical and common sense approaches to the complexity you might face in disasters of all natures in the urban environment.
  • These courses will bolster your chances of getting out alive and of assisting others in need. Warriors exist to protect others.
  • Drawing on decades of real world experience of disaster events, conflict zones and survival incidents the author has distilled the Need-To-Know material here for you.
  • New courses are being added to this membership regularly so there is always something new to learn.

This membership currently includes:

  • Urban Survival Volume 1
  • Urban Survival Volume 2

Coming soon to this Membership:

  • Hostile Environment Survival
  • Battlefield Situational Awareness Masterclass