What this membership is about:

  • Warrior’s traditionally have always been taught to live off the land.
  • Survival in the wilderness is a core human capability; well at least it used to be.
  • Modern humans living in the developed world are like babies in the wilderness.
  • They are incompetent at the base task of providing for life support neccesities.
  • Many who identify as ‘warriors’ today remain locked in their adolescence, their efforts at warrior hood are shaped by the media.
  • They focus on the physical body and prowess in the sporting arena. Being ‘tough’ is cool.
  • Many ‘tough’ men crumble and fall when pitted against nature, they become like babies themselves.
  • A warrior cannot protect others if he is unable to provide for himself.
  • This membership program is where we transfer to you the essential knowledge and skills needed to live in the wilderness with next to nothing and prevail.
  • More than that we teach you the MINDSET you must possess to survive.
  • In doing so you develop the self confidence and the tangible capacity to lead, protect and provide for others.
  • That is called ‘Walking the Warrior’s Path’.
  • Learn the foundational wisdoms here and then step into the wilderness and apply them, learn from the experience and develop your authentic warrior self.

This membership currently includes:

  • Primitive Survival Skills Volume 1
  • Tracking and the Art of Observation
  • SAS Wilderness Survival Volume 1
  • SAS Wilderness Survival Volume 2
  • SAS Wilderness Survival Volume 3

Coming soon to this Membership:

  • Primitive Survival Skills Volume 2
  • Primitive Survival Skills Volume 3
  • Survival Hunting Skills
  • Survival Trapping & Snaring Skills
  • Wild Food Plant Foraging
  • Wild Medicinal Plant Use
  • Natural Navigation Techniques