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Creative Combatives

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Rich Hungerford is a former Australian SAS Regiment (SASR) Team Commander and Instructor. He was posted to the SAS Battle Wing which is responsible for Close Quarter Battle and related war fighting skill sets whilst serving with SASR. Rich deployed on active duty a number of times during his service allowing him to garner invaluable real world experience and to contribute to the refinement of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by Australian Special Forces.

Rich has been actively engaged in sharing his unique experience base with people from all walks of life via the teaching of survival and tracking skills for close to a decade in Australia.

"Rich is now a sought after speaker, writer and presenter across a diverse range of professional subject areas associated with individual, community and organisational 'Resilience' and 'Human Performance' under stress and duress circumstance."

Rich Hungerford — Founder & Subject Matter Expert.

Online Warrior Training

Choose one of our online memberships to advance your knowledge in essential need-to-know warrior skills.

Warrior Coaching & Training Events

If you want to go to another level then join our unique Warrior Coaching Program and attend live events.

Speaking & Presenting

Want an engaging speaker/presenter with unique skills knowledge and experience for your next big event?

Here's What Just A Handful Of Our Thousands Of Satisfied Students Have To Say...

"I’ve been working my way through the Survival and Tracking pathway for the last few months and am genuinely enjoying the material and learning a lot. I’ve been a student of bush survival and tracking in the personal interest space since I was a teenager, and as it relates to my work in bushland conservation and Indigenous trainees for over twenty years. In recent times I was aware my learning curve had dropped significantly and was looking for ways to gee it up again. In working through "Rich’s material my learning curve is back up. I’m learning new skills, building layers of depth and understanding to existing skills, and thoroughly enjoying the process. The online format is really handy allowing the freedom to follow up with self-paced activities as time allows. Thanks, Rich, for sharing the knowledge!"
Michael C.
Western Australia
"Rich, Thank you so much for your online courses! They are great! I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for ages. So happy I came across this. I’ve done a few in person courses, but I find this layout much better as I can take my time working on my skills and go back and review [them] easily. I’m looking forward to doing more of the courses and learning more skills. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."
Nicolitsa S.
"You (Rich) more than exceeded what most people would readily expect. I found it a very inspiring experience to spend time with a person of your knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom - who gained those lessons out in the real playing-fields of life, and not from just reading books and advising people from the sidelines."
Johnny W.
"The course is a holistic approach; instilling a broad-base of skills, knowledge, and attributes adopted from aspects of special operations. The instructors have extracted the most valuable and relevant teaching points from their years of soldiering, and translated this content to specifically tailor it to civilian audiences of varying experiences and backgrounds."
Geoff L.
"The course delivered an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I've been a police officer for over thirteen years, and in my profession you learn to appreciate the practical and no-nonsense. Rich Hungerford embodies both those qualities, and his course is one of the best courses I have undertaken. I've learned skills that I have already used numerous times since completing his course last year, and I expect to carry these skills with me throughout the rest of my life."
Durand W.

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Here Are The Online Courses That Are Available When You Become A Member.

Urban Survival: How to Survive Disaster Events Volume 1

Urban Survival: How to Survive Disaster Events – Volume 2

SAS Wilderness Survival: Warrior Survival System – Volume 1

SAS Wilderness Survival: Warrior Survival System – Volume 2

SAS Wilderness Survival: Warrior Survival System – Volume 3

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