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The Warrior's Path Academy provides world-leading education in Warrior Mindset, Creative Combatives, and Survival & Tracking skills.

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"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training"

What Makes Us Different?

We don't just teach you the techniques and "tricks-of-the-trade"... We show you the philosophy that underpins navigating the world as a True Warrior.

You'll learn how to make your experience meaningful to your entire life, rather than something you tuck away in your back pocket for someday when you might get lost in the bush... someone tries to mug you... or you come up against one of the other myriad challenges life throws at you.

You're about to walk through the doorway to a new world of curiosity, confidence, and competence that leads to a state of personal freedom that most are not aware of, and will never experience.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Rich Hungerford

Rich is the Managing Director and Senior Coach/Trainer at The Warrior’s Path Academy. He is a former Australian SAS soldier, team leader and instructor, who now teaches Warrior Mindset, Creative Combatives, and Survival & Tracking skills to help men becomes True Warriors.

Rebel Hungerford

Rebel is Managing Director of The Warrior’s Path Academy. She’s also a Doctor of Chiropractic, with a speciality in Human Nutrition. Rebel served full-time in the Army Reserve with SASR as a Combat Medic.

Numbers Speak







Here's What Just A Handful Of Our Thousands Of Satisfied Students Have To Say...

"You more than exceeded what most people would readily expect. I found it a very inspiring experience to spend time with a person of your knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom - who gained those lessons out in the real playing-fields of life, and not from just reading books and advising people from the sidelines."
Johnny Wells
"The course is a holistic approach; instilling a broad-base of skills, knowledge, and attributes adopted from aspects of special operations. The instructors have extracted the most valuable and relevant teaching points from their years of soldiering, and translated this content to specifically tailor it to civilian audiences of varying experiences and backgrounds."
Geoff Lillistone
"The course delivered an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I've been a police officer for over thirteen years, and in my profession you learn to appreciate the practical and no-nonsense. Rich Hungerford embodies both those qualities, and his course is one of the best courses I have undertaken. I've learned skills that I have already used numerous times since completing his course last year, and I expect to carry these skills with me throughout the rest of my life."
Durand Welsh
I recently completed a course with Rich before heading overseas to work as a manager in a third world country where random acts of violence were certain. I wanted to make sure I had the skills and knowledge to give me confidence in this environment, so I could be proactive and in control of any situation (should it arise), and be able to protect my family. I was so impressed with how Rich planned the course. He didn't pull out a textbook and go through the motions (the way 99% of most courses are run). He got to know me, assessed where I was at, and my current capabilities, then built on top of what I already knew."
Derek Woods

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