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The Warrior's Path Academy provides world-leading education in Warrior Mindset, Creative Combatives, and Survival & Tracking skills.

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Rich Hungerford

Rich is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) at The Warrior’s Path Academy. He is a former Australian Special Air Service (SAS) soldier, team leader and instructor, who now shares his insights and experience concerning Warrior Mindset, Combatives, and Survival & Tracking skills to assist those walking the warrior’s path to becomes True Warriors. Rich offers a totally unconventional, asymmetrical and lateral thinkers approach to his areas of expertise. He offers insights that are based on real experience and that are as unique as they are unconventional.  He walks a path less trodden. 

Rebel Hungerford

Rebel is the Managing Director of The Warrior’s Path Academy. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, with focus areas in Applied Kinesiology and Human Nutrition. Drawing on this background she provides unique insights into human performance, health and wellness. Complimented by military service experience of her own with the Australian Army Reserve as a Combat Medic, including being posted to the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), Rebel is a source of inspiration, wisdom and clarity to the organisation and students alike. Her vision guides the academy in supporting warriors the world over. 

When you learn with The Warrior’s Path Academy, you’re embarking on a journey to become a True Warrior.

Sure, you could take a recreational martial arts class, or attend a random bushcraft course… but to become a well-rounded True Warrior you need a more complete process.

With Rich as your guide, you’ll Master your Warrior Mindset, learn how to protect yourself (and your loved ones) with Creative Combative skills refined for elite Special Forces, and develop the Survival & Tracking capabilities to confidently handle whatever life throws at you.

The path to becoming a True Warrior is no place for fluffy, untested theory.

You can join confident, in the fact that everything you’re learning from Rich and The Warrior’s Path Academy team has been pressure-tested (often under the harshest conditions) and proven to work in the real-world… where it counts!

In addition to his distinguished military career, Rich Hungerford also holds instructor level qualifications in multiple martial arts, including Yoshinkan  Aikido, and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Rich operated the successful BushLore Wilderness Survival & Tracking School for over 10 years, and is the author of Survival Wisdom: Motivational Thought to Help You Prevail and The Warrior and the Wolf: The Journey of the Warrior Within.

After retiring from the military, Rich became a sought after corporate Security and Risk Management consultant specialised in the protection of critical infrastructure and personnel. 

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